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How Guardian Connect Helps Manage Your Diabetes

If you are living with diabetes, Medtronic can help make your life a little bit easier. Use Medtronic’s Guardian Connect to check your sensor glucose levels – it’s as simple as looking at your iPhone and it’s available whenever you want, whatever you do.

With Guardian Connect you can track your sensor glucose level and your activities instantly using your iPhone or iPod Touch compatible mobile device. A quick glimpse at the mobile screen will let you know your current sensor glucose level and where it’s heading. But there’s more. Setting up low and high alerts is easy and can ease your mind knowing you’ll be alerted if you’re heading towards a hypo or hyper.

What more? It’s also easy to share your glucose reading with family or friends if you choose to. They can even receive a text message when you drop below your target range. Guardian Connect can help you to feel safe, and ease your mind to focus on enjoying the moment.

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the features of

The Guardian
Connect App
Click on the phone and the flashing icons to see how the app works

Benefits of Using Guardian Connect

Discretely check your glucose levels just by looking at your iPhone. They are automatically sent every 5 minutes to your mobile phone.

Access your glucose patterns and discover how your daily activities impact your values.

Receive customised alerts when your glucose level is rising, falling or reaching your pre-set thresholds

Track your activities, carbs and insulin intake easily.

Enable family or friends to remotely see your glucose values in real time for peace of mind. You can also notify them by SMS in case of hypo events.

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