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The Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for people on multiple daily insulin injections

Guardian Connect Training Program

The Guardian™ Connect Training program is designed to help you prepare before you start with the system and can be also your partner in the first weeks with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

The six interactive modules can help you to start with the Guardian™ Connect System in a structured and effective way – to get the most out of CGM.

If you have any question about your individual diabetes therapy, please contact your HCP. For any question about the Guardian™ Connect System, the Enlite™ glucose sensor and this training program please contact the Medtronic HelpLine.

Start now and click on the icon for module one.


Once you have completed the Guardian Connect Training program, download the QuickStart & CareLink Guides for your reference.

Module 1
Introduction to CGM

  • Basic CGM information
  • Managing expectations
  • Information about Diabetes basics

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Module 2
Before Starting with CGM

  • Comprehensive information about CGM with Guardian™ Connect
  • Keys for success
  • Quiz

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Module 3
How to start the system

  • Get an overview – preparation before getting started
  • How to insert the sensor
  • Set-up alerts – start the system
  • Information in display – interact with the Guardian™ Connect app
  • Invite care partners


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Module 4
Take control of hypoglycaemia

  • Learn and show how to take control of low glucose values and hypoglycaemia
  • First step and focus in the first weeks with the Guardian™ Connect System
  • Quiz

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Module 5
Take control of high glucose values and hyperglycaemia

  • Learn how to manage your glucose levels
  • Quiz

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Module 6
Take control of your glucose levels and how to maintain

  • How to use glucose graphs and your CareLink® reports
  • Quiz

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